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archive of mobot's works
that are featured on this site

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displaced // acrylic, ink and pastel on mdf
   'flight to the city: white ibis' exhibition - esp gallery: 228 illawarra road, marrickville nsw
home again // archival ink on watercolour paper, three part series of works
   'homeland' exhibition - kaleidoscope gallery: 30 o'connor street, chippendale nsw
hunter // graphite on paper

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threads // mixed media on cotton
   'painting grounds' exhibition - tortuga studios: 31 princes highway, st. peters nsw
let me tell you a story (pt. 2) // seven part series of works
   'let me tell you a story' exhibition - tortuga studios: 31 princes highway, st. peters nsw
a re-birth // pen, sepia ink & tea on wood
   'dino card wars' project - jurassic lounge @ australian museum: 6 college street, sydney nsw
mystery bruises // acrylic & charcoal on canvas
stolen roses // pen on cartridge paper
heart you hold // pen & posca on cardboard (three part series), framed
   'frathaus' art event - the hampshire: 91 parramatta road, camperdown nsw
mo-ist // pen on cartridge paper
   'moist' poster exhibition - damp store: shop 4, 31 brighton street, curl curl nsw

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closedown // pen on cartridge paper
   collaboration with various artists
death & possible dreams // pen on cartridge paper
   featured in andros' colouring-in zine
pet monster shotglass // ink, posca & graphite wall piece
   'fluffy precious glitter monsters' exhibition - gallery: 5 crown lane, wollongong nsw
about face // ink on sticker
   collaboration with peter p.
time stops // graphite on cartridge paper
   commission for personal client
whiskey in the jar // ink on sticker
   collaboration with andros, cy-mon & flobot.3000
wandering star // acrylic & aerosol on canvas
where the birds always sing // pigma micron on cartridge paper
consummation // pigma micron on cartridge paper
   collaboration with peter p.
tonto // pigma micron on cartridge paper
all the flowers // pigma micron on cartridge paper
so tonight that i might see // pigma micron on cartridge paper, digital
once upon a time // pigma micron on cardboard
siamese twins // pigma micron on cartridge paper, digital

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the love cats // graphite on cartridge paper, digital